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Restore Nano-Collagen Tonic

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Ali & Shay uses specialized organic nano-sized ingredients that are clinically proven to penetrate far deeper into your skin than regular sized ingredients. They activate and restore your skin's youthful appearance from the inside.

We utilize Nano-Sized Type-1 Collagen in our Facial Restore. Our Type-1 Collagen is the same collagen used in hospitals for the treatment of burns, skin grafts, wound care and even reconstructive surgeries. This is important because not only is this collagen a very powerful collagen, but it’s also been reduced to 1/10th is normal size so it can get deep down past that protective layer to help skin regain that youthful bounce and glow.

Nano-sized MSM, also known as Organic Sulfur, has the most incredible quality of making the skin cells more receptive to other types of ingredients! Because of this, it can be added to any product making all the anti-aging ingredients able to activate down deep. MSM is a nutrient found in all living cells. It’s also known as an anti-inflammatory, which helps with redness and acne. It's skin-repairing abilities reduce the look of aging, poor complexion and improves skin-tone.

MSM is a humectant. This ensures skin can retain its natural moisture plus it actively attracts moisture from the environment. This in turn helps improve skin's hydration and elasticity.

When you use Nano-Ingredients on the skin you're getting them past the top layer down to where "fibroblasts" are located. Fibroblasts have an important job, they produce the collagen. In order to make the magic happen, they need access to our powerful collagen so they can continue to do what they do best. Adding the MSM helps make skin cells more permeable to other types of ingredients so the cells are able to drink all the other organic ingredients.

Additional information

Weight130.4 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 5 in
How To Use?

Spritz directly onto clean skin and allow to dry. Tonic can also be sprayed directly into your favorite natural and organic skincare products to help unlock additional anti-aging benefits.

Main Ingredients

Ultra Pure Water, Nano Sized: Collagen, MSM, Citrus Essential Blend

Full Ingredients

Ultra Pure Water, Quantum Nano Particles, Nano Sized: Methylsufgonylmethane (MSM), Silver & Helicoll Collagen, Essential Oils

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    Restore nano-collagen tonic

    Second time I have ordered this item, so refreshing

    Elsa P.
    US US

    Restore Collagen Facial Tonic Actually Works!

    I was skeptical because this is a light spritz used before other moisturizers, and it seemed quite insubstantial. Was I wrong! Within days I noticed the nasal-labial lines (which were fine, I admit, but still showed) had faded to almost completely unnoticeable! Very, very pleased with this result. This is a lightweight spritz that dries pretty quickly. Skin feels tighter after using, but not unpleasantly so. I use it on my face, neck, chest, back of neck and HANDS, especially the area that has the beginning of crepiness between thumb and forefinger. The facial tonic has had a noticeable impact there, too! In areas that are sagging w/out lines (corner of mouth down to chin - sags but is not lined) there is no noticeable effect. But for FINE lines, I have seen a real improvement.

    Julee M.
    US US

    Love these products!

    This is a product I will never be without! This is the first product From Ali and Shay that I’ve tried and since I have purchased a mask and two serums. Definitely wonderful product line that is not too costly!

    Billie O.
    US US

    this stuff is the BOMB diggity!

    I use it with 2 other great Ali & Shay products and my experience is fabulous!

    Joy G.
    US US

    Great product!

    This is one of my favorite products that Ali & Shay offer! It is so yummy and it works great when used in combination with either serums! ☺️

    Brandie A.
    US US

    Never want to be without it!!!

    I LOVE this product and this company! Finally a skin care line that is natural, works and is affordable! I use this with the firming serum during the day, then before the brightening serum at night. My skin looks better and I'm much more comfortable without make-up. I am ready to reorder and try other products!

    Billie O.
    US US

    2 reviews for Restore Nano-Collagen Tonic

    1. Restore Nano-Collagen Tonic

      Elsa Pando

      I love this tonic, very refreshing

    2. Restore Nano-Collagen Tonic

      Joy Gendusa (verified owner)

      I love love love this line!! I use the Restore every night with my favorite eye products and it makes them way better – I actually noticed a difference in just two days!!

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