So many skin products boast of firmer, tighter, moisturized skin. But let’s talk specifics; Botanical Hyaluronic Acid (psst, meaning from a plant) is holding up it’s reputation of increasing moisture but also encouraging collagen production which results in plumper and juicer skin. We’re getting multiple benefits from one simple ingredient. What more can you ask for?  

Not all Hyaluronic Acid is “created” the same…

There is one caution when shopping for a skin care line with Hyaluronic Acid and it lies in it’s name “botanical.” There are two types of Hyaluronic Acid. We are looking only for the type that comes from a plant called cassia angustifolia. With this botanical version we know a couple of valuable things; it’s a far more ethical practice to procure this coveted ingredient and the it’s purity is indisputable. It’s made my mother-nature which, in our book, is the best possible source!

Back in the day, Hyaluronic Acid was obtained from horses or rooster combs (fleshy part at the top of the head). Yuck! Luckily for us, they found a fantastic replacement that is solely botanical and still boasts of all the desirable benefits!

So what is Hyaluronic Acid, anyway?

Hyaluronic Acid is something that is naturally occurring in joints, connective tissues and the SKIN. As we age, our levels decline. In fact it drops from 20% to 10%. That’s a big decline of something so mandatory to our youthful, glowing appearance. That’s why it’s such a vital ingredient in anti-aging products.

Let’s talk about some quality benefits. Hyaluronic Acid has an incredible ability to hold AND attract more than 1000X its weight in moisture. Seriously! That’s incredible. It has a very unique ability to attract a changing amount of moisture based on the amount of environmental moisture in the air.  Given that I live in one of hyaluronic acidthe one of the driest states in the United States – Utah – Hyaluronic Acid was a must in our skin-care line.

Shannon lives in Phoenix, Arizona – just as dry – so we both wanted to ensure our products focused on moisture retention as well. Plus, when your skin is dry it shows more wrinkles and creases. Having Hyaluronic Acid in our beauty line keeps your skin looking fresh, moisturized and nourished. Now that’s convenient! 

So, when you are looking for a skin care regimen to assist your skin each and every day to fight the signs of time, Hyaluronic Acid is vital. It is going to protect the skin, keep it plump and juicy by strongly binding and attracting moisture all while filling in wrinkles and fine lines. We certainly like the sound of all that and we are loving the results.