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Brightening Retinol Serum

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Harness the healing power of Mother Nature with the strongest non-prescription anti wrinkle serum; Ideal treatment to reduce look of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, redness, acne and aging; With the most effective, cruelty free, vegan ingredients our Photo-Glow Retinol Serum supports skin’s renewal process to remove old, dull skin cells on your skin’s surface and supports newer, fresher skin cells

Retinol makes a significant impact on skin’s appearance including reducing puffiness and redness The Power of Retinol (Vitamin A) - Loaded with the highest concentration of Retinol 2.5% and antioxidants to fight off free radicals (the dreaded cause of premature aging) our face and neck serum gives an immediate more youthful appearance with no sticky residue;

Healthy firm skin and collagen for both Men and Women is a must for a youthful appearance: Absorbs easily leaving a thin layer of protection from the daily environmental onslaught The Infusion of the Highest Quality Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid - Formulated with the best natural anti-aging ingredients Botanical Hyaluronic Acid hydrates dry and aging skin cells, giving you fast results of firmer, plump and glowing skin.

Perfectly balanced level of moisturizer and active ingredients to give a deep moisture boost while active ingredients reduce look of dark spots, sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines

Made in the USA; sourced with the Highest Quality Ingredients derived right here in the USA; No harmful PEGs, parabens, sulfates, harsh chemicals or preservatives;

Our prized Organic and Natural Ingredients with the highest quality anti aging formulation is effective at brightening and tightening and good for you too; Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe, Retinol, Organic Jojoba, Organic Green Tea, Organic Gotu Kola, andelion, Organic Olive, Vitamin E, Organic Grape Seed

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8 reviews for Brightening Retinol Serum

4.94 out of 5
Based on 8 reviews
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  1. 4.94 out of 5

    B J Buckingham (store manager)

    I have not found anything I dislike about these products!
    They were exactly as described and I have been using both for almost a week!

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  2. 4.94 out of 5

    Anna P (store manager)

    Thank you Ali & Shay for this incredible product! I've been using this for about a month and these are my results. I'm 54 and still had acne breakouts. I was looking for a natural retinol product for aging and found yours. The serum is so lightweight and just absorbed immediately. At first, I seemed to break out a little more, but I gave it a chance and now my acne is virtually gone and my face is so smooth and dare I say a little firmer. It's so gentle, I use it under my eyes, too! I also purchased your Vitamin C serum and love that as well. I use the Vitamin C serum around my eyes mostly, but also have used it on my face. Thank you for making your formulas so natural and so affordable!! Love is in the details as far as your packaging, too.

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  3. 4.94 out of 5

    Micah Stepan (store manager)

    Fabulous product at an amazing price!!!

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  4. 4.94 out of 5

    Ekaterina Kanat (store manager)

    Started using the serum. Feels nice... three days later I called my mom on FaceTime.
    We chatted about my kid and all those teenager acne. I told her that I bought a facial gel but the kid wouldn’t use it. Now the interesting part:
    Mom: Remember your teenager acne - nothing helped.
    I: It’s also because I ate all that stuff (lalalala).
    Mom: Well, your skin looks way better now.
    I: Of course, because I started eating organic after having moved to America (several years ago).
    Mom: I mean it’s better NOW, better that a week ago when we talked last time.
    I: I guess it’s not the food. It’s a new serum I got.
    That’s about it 🙂

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  5. 4.94 out of 5

    Jo (store manager)

    I'm always looking for something to help my facial appearance as far as wrinkles & lines. So far, Retinol is in the top lead along with HY Acid and collagen for helping us older women with lines and wrinkles and don't want injections. Up until recently, you were only able to obtain 1% Retinol and then I found a brand with 2%, but I got really excited when I found the 2.5%.

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