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Why Choose Ali & Shay?

Nanotechnology Takes the Ingredients to New Levels of Performance

We take specialized ingredients such as Collagen, MSM, Vitamin A and reduce them to 1/10th their molecular size. This improves the ability for them to penetrate by 10X and improve the overall results for each organic ingredient.

Superior Quality Using Organic & Natural Ingredients

We use only the purest high quality natural and organic ingredients in all our products which results in real results that last without the risk of using chemicals on the skin that can damage it longterm.

Formulated for Aging Skin to Reverse the Hands of Time

We focus heavily on advanced ingredients and technology to prevent skin from aging using powerful antioxidants but also provide the highest quality anti-aging ingredients + Nanotechnology (NDS™) to greatly improve the appearance of dry skin, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

My Story

Founder, mama bear, builders wife, tribe lover, coffee drinker, and beauty appreciator, Alisha McLaws is the hard work and create behind the organic brand. Alisha began Ali & Shay out of her passion for real, clean ingredients with enough integrity that she would trust her own five children to use them; yet truly powerful enough to reverse the hands of time. Results that are crafted with the magic of nature.

Alisha Mclaws

Owner, Designer, Formulator of Ali & Shay Cosmetics

Nano Method Bundle


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1000's of Happy Customers

This is my new favorite skin care line! It tops what I was using with Origins! I love the facial tonic spray and the serum! They work great together! Also the rose clay mask is so yummy and works so great! And of course I LOVE the facial day and night cream as well as the eye lotion. I also got the feet care bundle for my husband and he really likes it and uses it every night


Verified Buyer
I love these products because they are all natural. I've noticed changes and recently a good friend told me my skin is glowing and the best was my son-in-law who told me how awesome it was that I had no wrinkles

Vici T.

Verified Buyer
I have been using this tonic for just over a week now and I am completely addicted! Not only does it make my skin feel instantly better but it is truly improving the appearance of my skin from the inside as promised. I have seen a definite reduction in wrinkle depth and redness. I am also seeing a change for the better in the overall appearance of my skin. This tonic is now one of my “must haves"!


Verified Buyer
I workout side in the hot summer days and I really enjoy the Nano Collagen Spray with the Nourish Face Cream. I use it morning and night and it helps heal my skin from over sun exposure so I don’t have to worry about sun burns, or sun spots and wrinkles. I'm also using the mask/scrub 2-3 times a week that helps me when I get clogged pores from constant sweat and dirt build up. My go-to body wash is the Tea Tree & Mint Body wash, that is Natural and Organic smells AMAZING, but also WORKS! I used to use other brands (top names) that were synthetic and over fragranced. Not anymore. When it comes to products. These product aren’t just for women. Men should take care of their skin too and these are perfect

Parker H

Verified Buyer
I'm in love with the day and night cream!! Wow!! I was using the cream before the nano technology was added and I love that and reordered it. But after trying this new improved version I'm simply blown away - no joke. I can see the difference in just a couple days of use! 

Joy G

Verified Buyer
This is an amazing product line that I have added to my skincare routine that I simply could not live without. It contains a nano delivery system which means that it turns the ingredients into tiny nano-particles so they can actually be absorbed by your skin. The anti-aging results that I have already seen in just a short period of time from using it really showed me how having something that has nano in it is so important to really activate anti-aging ingredients. Thank you Ali and Shay for creating this amazing product line -Laura S.

Laura S

Verified Buyer

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